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Use of Your Information

We respect your personal information and undertake to comply with all applicable Data Protection legislation in place from time to time. We may hold information that you provide to us (such as by telephone on an application or Order form or registration form) or that we may obtain from another source (such as our suppliers, marketing organisations or credit reference agencies). This information (“Your Information”) may include your name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone numbers, email address, bank and Credit or Debit Card information, occupation and employment data, lifestyle information and details of how you use the Services, which may include for example and without limitation, traffic data related to your use of the Mobile Service or the UK Calls Services including,without limitation, the numbers you call, the type, date, time, location, duration, and cost of calls, messages or other communications, the addresses you send messages to, or your use of the Broadband Service, such as how long you are on-line, your browsing activities and other general information about the way you pay and manage your account.

We may share Your Information with: companies within the Breeztel Group; and, in the event that we undergo a re-organization or are sold to a third party, you agree that Your Information may be transferred to that reorganized entity or third party for the purposes and subject to the terms of these Conditions.