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Other than a router (which we may sell to Customers of our Broadband Service), we may also supply you with other equipment (such as a telephone). We are not responsible for any problems you may have with equipment which we have not provided to you. We do not offer any maintenance services for such equipment.

You agree not to connect any equipment to our network or service that may harm it or other customers’ equipment. If you do, you must disconnect it immediately, or allow us to do so at your expense.

Where we supply Equipment, any specified delivery date shall be treated as an estimate only. We accept no liability for failure to meet any delivery date. All equipment supplied by Breeztel remains the property of Breeztel until paid for in full. Where the equipment is supplied with a contract then goods will remain the property of Breeztel until the contract term completes unless otherwise stated.

All warranty claims should be made to the equipment manufacturer.