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How Your Information May be Used

Your information may be held and used by us for a number of purposes and we may use third parties to support us with purposes which include, without limitation:

  • processing your Orders or applications;
  • administering your account and billing;
  • settling accounts with those who provide related services to us;
  • disclosing your data to banks and debit and credit card companies to validate your Credit or Debit Card details;
  • dealing with requests, enquiries or complaints and other Customer care related activities;
  • debt recovery (also using recovery agents and agents facilitating contact with you) and legal actions and all other general administrative and business purposes;
  • carrying out market and product analysis of Your Information to develop and improve and to tell you about Breeztel Group’s products and services, new developments, special offers, discounts and awards which we believe may be of personal interest to you.

We may tell you about these by post or telephone. We may also tell you by email, fax, SMS, MMS, automated telephone call and via world wide web, subject to any preferences indicated by you at the time you apply to enter into this Contract or subsequently; contacting you about the products and services of carefully selected third parties and allowing you to receive advertising and marketing information from those selected third parties but without passing control of Your Information to the third party concerned; passing on data to organizations from which you have ordered any products and services; registering your details and allocating or offering you rewards, discounts or other benefits and fulfilling any requests or requirements you may have in respect of our and Breeztel Group’s loyalty or reward programmes and other similar schemes; inclusion in a telephone directory in printed/electronic format, a telephone directory available on the internet or world wide web and a directory inquiry service operated by us or by a third party but only where you have consented to this; carrying out any activity or disclosure in connection with a legal, governmental or regulatory requirement on us or in connection with national security, legal proceedings and for the prevention and detection of crime or fraud and the prosecution of offenders or suspected offenders; and/or carrying out activities connected with the running of our business such as personnel training, quality control, Network monitoring, testing and maintenance of computer and other systems and in connection with the transfer of any part of our business in respect of which you are a Customer or a potential Customer.