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Faults and Repairs

If there is a fault with your Service, you should contact Customer Services, the number can be found on any of your telephone bills from us. In accordance with industry practice we will try and repair a service failure by midnight on the third working day (not including public and bank holidays) after the day you report the fault to us.

You may also be able to claim compensation if we fail to repair your Service or if we fail to respond to a fault when we said we would. Please contact Customer Services or visit our Website for further information on reporting a fault and details of our compensation policy. If your compensation claim is successful, the amount you receive will be credited to a later invoice. The maximum compensation claimable is £25.00 per line per annum.

Please note, you cannot claim compensation if:

  • You don’t qualify under the terms of our compensation policy;
  • You have not made your claim within one (1) month of the date on which we repaired the fault;
  • Someone other than Breeztel has caused the fault;
  • The fault was caused by something beyond Breeztel ’s control, e.g. network or atmospheric
  • We ask to come onto your property and you do not allow us to;
  • We reasonably ask you for other help and you do not give it; or
  • Your Service(s) haven’t been fully installed and activated at your address (whether you’re a new customer or are moving premises and taking your service with you).

If you have agreed to a visit from our engineer but the engineer is not able to come onto the Premises or gain access to the relevant equipment, we will charge you an abortive visit charge. We can also charge you for any such engineer visit if we reasonably believe that you have caused the fault by damaging the phone line or phone plug in your wall.

When you report a fault, we try to offer you guidance to check that it is not your own personal equipment which is causing the fault (i.e. a faulty handset). If we send an engineer to attend your property and the fault is caused by anything which is not maintained by the network then a charge will be levied for this. This charge is explained to you before the engineer attends your property.

Landline Assurance – Breeztel offers a service to protect you from any unexpected charges for faults on your line. This is provided for the period of 2 months for free and is then charged at £5.00 per month thereafter. If you have a fault and have completed the required diagnostic tests then you will be covered against all costs from Openreach. The service can be removed at anytime as long as you have not benefited from the service.