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Other provisions

If you end your Service with us, you will be responsible for transferring to another service provider. If you do not do this, you may be left without any telecommunications service.

If you have accepted any Service on the basis of it being offered by us ‘forever’, you acknowledge and accept that this can only apply to provide that you stay as a Customer and we continue to offer the Service on our Network.

If at any time either you or us end your Service with us for any reason and you have made any cash, debit or credit card payments in advance for that Service or paid any deposit we shall only refund the excess of such payments that remains after the settlement of all charges on your Breeztel account. If we have awarded you any goodwill credits during your Contract, we shall apply those first to any outstanding charges on your account before we send your final bill. However, if your Service is canceled by you or us and any goodwill credits or any part of them remain after we have accounted for all outstanding charges on your account for that Service, those credits will be canceled when your Service ends and you will not be paid or be entitled to claim the cash value of any such credits, or to otherwise redeem them or transfer them to any other Breeztel account holder or to any third party.