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Our Services are for business or residential use but different charges will apply.

In placing this order you agree that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and that the details that you provide to us for this Order are be true, accurate and complete.

Our service(s) may not be available to a small number of customers in certain circumstances or in certain locations. We will tell you if this applies to you. If you are transferring your service to us, on receipt of your order, we will make an application to your previous provider to switch your chosen broadband and or telephone services to Breeztel, or to your current broadband provider to switch your broadband service to Breeztel. Either way, if your previous provider is able to validate your application then we will notify you in writing of the estimated activation date for your service with Breeztel. Normally this takes around 10 working days from the date when the order is accepted provided you have an existing compatible BT line, (if ordering ADSL broadband) if you opt for an installation type Order then we will not always notify your previous provider, and this is your responsibility. Different timescale applies to customers in New build area requiring OFNL fibre. In this case, no telephone line is necessarily required.

If for any reason, BT or such are unable to move your service to Breeztel, we will contact you. If you require a new line to be set up, and we agree to do this for you, your Breeztel service will normally take approximately 2 weeks to be activated from the date you place your order with us and it is your responsibility to contact your previous provider if you currently have one.