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Connection fees and new line fees

When you connect to our network you will usually be charged a activation fee or if it is a new line then you will usually be charged an installation fee. These fees are levied in addition to any other charges which may be due under any other term of these conditions and it arises primarily from charges which are levied on us. Accordingly, we must reserve the right to pass on some or all of these charges to you and if appropriate to charge you for any additional related expenses we may incur in relation to your connection/install. These fees will usually be charged at the point of connection to the relevant service. The activation fee will be charged in accordance with our price list as published on our Website on the day you order the Services. Activation fees and router delivery fees are due on all Fibre Broadband and are non-refundable unless request for refund is made before the service is
activated. Our activation fee will always be as offered on our initial proposal letter or communication.