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I have a couple of questions before I order this broadband package.

Firstly, is this WiFi? I don’t want internet that is just through Ethernet and thought I’d double check just in case. 

Ans: Yes it is WiFi and Ethernet. The router that you will receive will give you the option for both. You may also use both at the same time depending on what device you want to use.

Secondly, how do I install the internet once the router arrives?

Ans: Your Router will arrive with full easy instructions. In any case there will be nothing to install as the router will arrive ready to plug in.

Look forward to hearing from you

I want to retain my existing mobile number as I move over to breeze.

Okay, you want to keep your number, no problems, very easy . Simply ring your current mobile phone operator and ask them for send your PAC code to you.

This is available automatically. You can send short messages to other mobile phones. Unlike our competitors who charge 19p per SMS, we charge between 15p to 28p for one SMS, we charge only 8p per international SMS and 5p for local SMS sent.

All Breeze SIM cards are enabled for mobile internet by default unless you have purchased a bundle that does not include internet in which case we have to disable it. Your settings are Mobile data selected. Please leave Network Operators selector to automatic.

Buffering involves pre-loading data into the memory or buffer area of the device,” so the data can be accessed more quickly when the data is needed.

So buffering is not entirely a bad thing, but it is bad when it happens too often as this may mean a slow network connection.

It generally speeds up what you trying to do on a revisit. Buffering can prevent lag particularly when you’re streaming video and can prevent slow performance altogether.

Please note that excessive buffering is not always because of slow network connections.

How to stop Buffering:

  • Stop all other active downloads on your computer or device. Other background processes and downloads will consume extra resources such as memory and bandwidth that could otherwise be assigned to live streaming. Disconnect any games and applications that may be running in the background when doing live streaming.
  • Pause the video you are watching for a few minutes to create a larger buffer space. This allows your streaming device to download the complete video so that you may watch the video late   without breaks or pausing.
  • Consider increasing or improving your Internet speed.
  • Try using a dual-band router that offers a five GHz network with extra bandwidth. This router type is often most suitable for online streaming and is known to reduce buffering.
  • Wait until the services for the content provider are less busy. The servers of content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube may be slower or busier than usual depending on the provider’s resources and peak hours. For instance, research conducted by the FCC has shown that peak times for Internet traffic is between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. If your videos continue to buffer, wait until the services are less busy before watching videos.
  • Limit the amount of devices active on your network. Multiple devices being used on the same Internet network will consume that network’s bandwidth and cause buffering, especially if your router is unable to support a heavy traffic load. When streaming videos, make sure Internet usage is limited across devices.
  • Consider using a wired Internet connection. Wireless Internet connections are more likely to be disrupted by problems with signal, frequency, and physical obstructions, such as walls or furniture. Try switching to a wired connection to help eliminate problems with buffering.
  • Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your device. Most video streaming sites use Adobe Flash, which means running an outdated version of Flash can cause buffering during live streaming. Navigate to the official website for Adobe Flash Player at, and select the option to install the latest software version.
  • Install the latest video card drivers on your device. Most video cards are updated automatically at the time you install Microsoft or Apple updates. However, if you installed your own custom video card, navigate to the manufacturer’s website to download and install updated drivers for your video card.

Yes. Provided you have credit or airtime on your phone you will remain connected when you’re out of the country. You can also access your voicemail and customer services when you’re overseas.

Yes. All calls made from a Breeze SIM to another BREEZE SIM is free.

Simply dial 124 followed by the send key.

Simply dial 1870 followed by the send key.

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