Most frequent questions and answers

I have a couple of questions before I order this broadband package.

Firstly, is this WiFi? I don’t want internet that is just through Ethernet and thought I’d double check just in case. 

Ans: Yes it is WiFi and Ethernet. The router that you will receive will give you the option for both. You may also use both at the same time depending on what device you want to use.

Secondly, how do I install the internet once the router arrives?

Ans: Your Router will arrive with full easy instructions. In any case there will be nothing to install as the router will arrive ready to plug in.

Look forward to hearing from you

I want to retain my existing mobile number as I move over to breeze.

Okay, you want to keep your number, no problems, very easy . Simply ring your current mobile phone operator and ask them for send your PAC code to you.

This is available automatically. You can send short messages to other mobile phones. Unlike our competitors who charge 19p per SMS, we charge between 15p to 28p for one SMS, we charge only 8p per international SMS and 5p for local SMS sent.

All Breeze SIM cards are enabled for mobile internet by default unless you have purchased a bundle that does not include internet in which case we have to disable it. Your settings are Mobile data selected. Please leave Network Operators selector to automatic.

Yes. Provided you have credit or airtime on your phone you will remain connected when you’re out of the country. You can also access your voicemail and customer services when you’re overseas.

Yes. All calls made from a Breeze SIM to another BREEZE SIM is free.

Simply dial 124 followed by the send key.

Simply dial 1870 followed by the send key.

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Please be advised that there will be a planned maintenance on the Breeztel network.

  • September
  • October

Reference: 124538

Start Time: 00:00 Thursday 19/09/2019

End Time: 06:00 Thursday 19/09/2019

The following services will be affected during the work:

NA Ref FIN Provider Service Street City
HP19 100870

Reference: 112146

Start Time: 00:00 Thursday 03/10/2019

End Time: 06:00 Thursday 03/10/2019

The following services will be affected during the work:

NA Ref FIN Provider Service Street City
SE16 103524
SE16 101571
Fairmont House Albatross Way

If you have any queries related to this notice then get in touch with us via email: or check our "Complaints procedure" section for more information.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this work.