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Suspension of the Service(s) by Us

We may suspend immediately the provision of the Services to you until further notice without
compensation if:

  • We reasonably suspect that you are in breach of these Conditions; or
  • You are in breach of your obligation to pay the Charges and have not remedied the breach. You should also note that if you fail to meet your payment obligations, your line may be blocked and you will not be able to make incoming and outgoing calls (including emergency calls) and if you are on our Broadband Network you will not be able to use the Broadband Service; or
  • We are obliged to comply with an order or request of the UK Government, the emergency services organisation or other competent authority; or
  • If you owe us any money whether under your Contract for mobile services, the UK Calls Service, the Broadband Service or otherwise; or
  • You exceed your Credit Limit; or
  • We have reasonable cause to suspect fraudulent use of a payment card, whether a Credit or Debit Card or otherwise.

If we suspend the Services for these reasons your Contract will still continue and you shall reimburse us our costs and expenses reasonably incurred in suspending the Services and/or recommencing them. In addition, you must pay all Charges due from you under your Contract incurred prior to the time when your Contract is properly terminated. If we suspend any Service, we will not provide it again until you confirm that you will use the Service only as agreed in this Contract.

If we exercise the right to suspend (or bar your access to) the Services this shall not affect our right to terminate your Contract. If we agree to re-enable your services this can take a up to seven (7) working days.