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Credit Limits

Where you have entered a Contract to receive any Service from us, your account is limited in any one month to an amount which may either have been set at the time of your application or at any time thereafter while you have a Contract with us (“Credit Limit”). This Credit Limit is subject to the following provisions:

We may, depending on your payment history with us, lower your Credit Limit. On request, we may agree to raise your Credit Limit. If you wish to vary your Credit Limit you should telephone Customer Services;

As our billing system is not instantly updated each time you make a call, it is possible to exceed your Credit Limit. The Credit Limit does not act as a bar and you may be able to incur Charges that result in you exceeding your Credit Limit. You will be liable for all Charges, including any in excess of your Credit Limit. You will be asked to pay any Charges in excess of your Credit Limit before Services are reinstated; and We may suspend your service if your Credit Limit is exceeded and if you exceed your Credit Limit in respect of the UK Calls Service all of your outgoing calls may be diverted to our Customer Services department.