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Specific provisions relating to the broadband service

The Broadband Service is available as a separate Service, you do not have to take our UK Calls Service in order to sign up to our Broadband Service. The Broadband Service does not include any line service. If you use another provider for these services, you must continue paying the other provider.

In order to provide you with the Broadband Service, ( for ADSL and FTTC) we need to test your telephone line to ensure that broadband is available in your area. You are responsible for paying for any work that needs to be carried out on your telephone line in order to receive broadband. When we activate your Broadband Service, you accept that there may be a temporary loss of service on your line.

We will try to minimise the duration of this loss of service and will check before activating your service to make sure you are not making a voice call on the line at the time we activate your Broadband Service. For our Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband service, you do not require a telephone line but you accept that your service activation date may be delayed if the terminal equipment in your residence is faulty. When you place your order, it is your responsibility to check the status of the ONT equipment in your building. For quick activation, you will need to confirm to admin@breeztel.com the serial number of the ONT device that is in your premises. Where there is no ONT device in your premises, you must notify us immediately.

Breeztel broadband coverage and speed is dependent on various factors including, speed you have paid for, Openreach network, distance from the cabinet and the exchange equipment capability, the capability of your router and the type of equipment used in testing the speed.